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Rencontre avec Üçge

Üçge - Cemil Azder

Üçge était présent sur EQUIPMAG 2014 pour vous présenter ses solutions d'agencement et d'équipement de magasins.

Cemil Azder, Boutique Merchandising Manager chez Üçge

Üçge - Cemil Azder

Can you briefly describe your activity?

Üçge Group companies can meet all the needs from the international retailer. Hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, electronic stores, and DIY stores can be supplied completely from Üçge. We are operating in all areas of retail industry. Each venue or each stand where products are exposed is in our area of interest. We provide services for all areas of the industry from the smallest “stand” or “kiosk” to the big “Department Stores”. Our experienced staff of architects creates difference in design and practice, working for the most convenient project service. Our experience of 38 years in the industry, the fact that we are producing project all around the world, our ability to process any kinds of material during practical solutions and the fact that our machinery park in factories is wide-range and high-quality make us stand out in the industry.

Who are your customers?

Üçge has its signature under numerous significant stores in the shopping center projects that resounded in 2013 with their design and architecture. In Zorlu Shopping Center, the stores of such outstanding brands as Burberry M.Line, Burberry Kids, Lacoste, Darty, Mothercare and Vodafone; in Next Level Ankara, the stores of such outstanding brands as Armani, Sunglass Hut, Lacoste and Media Markt were designed with touches of Üçge. Üçge Boutique Merchandizing was the solution partner of Nuance Group last year for the “Duty Free” stores in Antalya, Zurich, Malta and Lisbon Airports and is also assertive this year, jointly with Nuance Group with the “Duty Free” projects in Varna and Burgas airports. We are also solution partner of many world giant brands such as Carrefour, Metro, Tesco, Migros, Praktiker, Real, Baumax, Leroy Merlin, Levi’s, Docker’s, Nike, Harvey Nichols, Columbia, Converse, Elektro World, Best Buy and Media Saturn. We are importing to 70 countries. You may see Üçge branded products from Europe to Africa, from Russia to Middle East.

What are the major trends emerging from your customers’ requests at the moment?

We observe that there is a great tendency for natural, organic and environment friendly products in boutique merchandizing which we follow with pleasure. We keep developing our wooden and metal product range while we make great effort for developing our project management processes, R & D studies and customer relations for a total sustainable development.

What motivates your participation at EQUIPMAG 2014?

We are attending to Equipmag 2014 in order to know and understand the region’s customers better and to present our products to this specific group of customers. We are also expecting to follow the key trends in the sector and broaden our network.

Which new products are you going to feature on EQUIPMAG 2014?

We will present samples of our latest projects in Market and Merchandizing concepts in a distinct way, which will show our project development and implementation strength better to our customers.